2021 Principal Project

We are pleased to announce that The Woman’s Board 2021 Principal Project will be The Woman’s Board Fund for Precision Oncology Research. Dr. Mia Levy will present more detailed information about this project at our internal Woman’s Board December meeting. Please look for additional communications on this exciting initiative under our website’s Spotlight section and through our fundraising initiatives in the coming year.

The Woman’s Board Fund for Precision Oncology Research

Tumor organoids are three-dimensional masses of cells artificially grown from a patient’s cancer cells and sometimes referred to as “mini tumors.” With additional research, this novel technology has the potential to be a game changer in cancer care, enabling scientists to study each patients’ unique case in the laboratory setting and evaluate the organoid’s response to several therapies — ultimately guiding oncologists’ selection of the most effective possible treatments. Support from the Woman’s Board will:

  • Contribute to the collection and storage of biospecimens and provide the seed funding needed to develop organoids
  • Provide the personnel resources to validate organoids and study how reliable they are at modeling each patients’ tumor
  • Allow researchers to conduct observational studies that answer the critical question: How effectively do organoids mimic the function of patients’ tumors when exposed to the same treatments?
  • Enable scientists to gather preliminary data to apply for grant applications to sustain this leading-edge research

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